Hysterical Baby Passport Photo Goes Viral Online (PHOTO)

Hysterical Baby Passport Photo Goes Viral Online (PHOTO) via Babble
One baby's passport photo made him famous.

How is your driver’s license photo? What about your passport? If you’re like most of us, you’ve definitely taken a better photo than the one that becomes permanently affixed to one of these important cards. Maybe you had a looong night out with friends before schlepping into the DMV early one morning. Or maybe you were just getting over a nasty head cold when you had to take that photo for that awesome new job. Now every morning when you take it out to scan it, you realize that you immediately conceal the photo with the inside of your palm.

While it’s a fact that grown-ups can take bad photos, it’s nearly impossible for a baby to take an un-cute picture. I mean how many bad photos of babies do you see?

However, babies can take photos that are purely hysterical. Take for example, the 5-month-old baby who had to take a passport photo, presumably during naptime. The baby’s father was so tickled by the photo, he posted it online one night before bed. When he woke up the next morning, his son had became Internet famous:

“I posted it before we went to bed, woke up the next morning and had friends from the U.K. saying congrats on making the front page of Reddit.”

You can see why such a fuss was made if you scroll down a bit. The baby looks like he had quite the night out or is possibly still recovering.

Either way, his face is adorable.

Hysterical Baby Passport Photo Goes Viral Online (PHOTO) via Babble

Image: Imgur

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