I Have To Poop! Toddler Mensa Member Needs to Poop on Live Television (Video)

The adorable Emmelyn Roettger demonstrates her superior potty training skillz on live TV

She may be a genius but she’s still a toddler and dammit! She has to poop. Like, now!

I am dying over this video of 3-year-old Emmelyn Roettger, the toddler who was made one of the youngest members of Mensa a few months ago (while 2-years-old) after scoring 135 on an IQ test.

As the superb Lisa Belkin reports over on Huffington Post, Emme’s smarts led her to the couch on the TODAY Show where she was expected to wow audiences with her brilliance.

“Then, in a minute of live TV that was uncomfortable for any viewer who has potty trained a child, she announced that “my tummy hurts,” and “I have to poop.” Becoming increasingly distressed, she tried to remove her portable microphone, saying “take this off me, I have to poop.”

You can see her mom just want to melt into the couch as she pretends like her kid isn’t shouting I HAVE TO POOP not two inches from her face and I totally understand but mostly, I’m just like, someone take the kid to poop already! And hey! You can argue that she is obviously well potty-trained and this was just another demonstration of her many and varied skillz. Go Emmelyn!

See for yourself in the video below:

You can also find Monica on her personal blog, The Girl Who.

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