I Love Lucy: TV Mom Lucille Ball's Sweet and Funny Moments (Videos)

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I Love Lucy: Lucille Ball's 100th birthday

The “I Love Lucy” Google doodle celebrating Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday is a good reminder of one of the best shows in TV history. I Love Lucy is one of those true television classics that has stood the test of time and entertained generations.

I couldn’t get enough of I Love Lucy as a kid – and still can’t. I spent much of this morning watching favorite clips from the series, including the candy factory and grape stomping episodes.

Lucille Ball was definitely an American treasure and it’s great that her amazing comedic talent lives on with I Love Lucy on TV, DVD and YouTube so we can share this gift with our kids.

Since we’re a parenting site, we’ve rounded up I Love Lucy video clips from Lucy’s pregnancy and the birth of Little Ricky on the series. Check out TV mom Lucy in the videos below.

Lucille Ball was pregnant in real life during season two and the pregnancy was made a part of the show’s storyline. The subject of pregnancy was such a taboo in 1950s television, however, that they couldn’t even say Lucy was pregnant, rather they referred to her as “expecting.”

The “Lucy Goes to the Hospital” episode aired on the same day that Lucy gave birth in real life via Caesarean section. Desi Arnaz, Jr. was born on January 19, 1953 and his photo was on the cover of the first TV Guide magazine.

What are your favorite I Love Lucy moments?

You can catch a marathon of I Love Lucy episodes on the Hallmark Channel today!

Lucy tells Ricky she’s pregnant – so sweet!


Lucy Goes to the Hospital –  the baby’s due any minute, so the gang decides to rehearse. Things don’t go quite so smoothly when the time comes though.


Home video footage of Lucille Ball when she was pregnant:



Little Ricky and Ricky play drums:


Ricky shares a bedtime story – too funny!



A cute mother’s day tribute to I Love Lucy:



“Lucy And Superman” with guest star George Reeves:

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