Parents Record Toddler’s iPad Tantrum — and the World Freaks Out [VIDEO]

toddlerA viral video currently making the Internet rounds has a bunch of armchair parenting quarterbacks all hot and bothered.

Daniel Brooks uploaded the video below of his two-year-old daughter, Ashlynn Hobbs, having a tantrum because she wants to play with an iPad.

Naturally, Brooks had no idea the video would explode in popularity after posting it on his YouTube account.

But, you and I both know that there is no shortage of opinions on the Internet — least of all from us parents. Soon, Brooks found himself subjected to some harsh criticisms over his parenting style, with people pointing fingers and blaming the tantrum on our technologically-obsessed society.

PEOPLE magazine called Ashlynn “a cautionary tale of the power technology has over children today” and says the video “will make any parent think twice about letting their child get started on a new tech toy.”

The endless comments after the PEOPLE article are filled with finger pointers:

“Maybe it’s the early childhood professional in me, but why does a 2 year old need an iPad? It isn’t developmentally appropriate.”

“That’s why the technology should WAIT. This generation scares me…..plugged in from cradle to grave. It’s NOT GOOD.”

“What a brat!! And her parents should be ashamed of themselves for basically letting technology raise.their child.”

“I think it says something that that kid needed an iPad to self-sooth. It seems to indicate that she’s not being soothed by the parents. Sad. Parents soothe children who are too young to handle their own emotions. In this manner, children learn as they grow up to self-soothe. Seems like that kid has grown dependent on the iPad for soothing. When she grows up she has a pattern of soothing herself with things outside of herself like drugs, alcohol, food, shopping….it goes on and on.”

The comments go on and on in that vein.

Seriously, people? You get all that from a one-minute clip of a toddler having a VERY typical toddler tantrum? As for the object of her desire being an iPad … big freaking deal. Anyone who has parented a toddler for more than five minutes knows that this tantrum could just as easily have been about the kid wanting to stick a butter knife in a light socket, wanting to play with a cardboard box, wanting a certain food — whatever.

There is nothing about that tantrum that specifically relates to being technologically-obsessed or being dependent on the iPad. Also, get over toddlers using iPads. Frankly, if you let your toddler watch Dora or Peppa Pig, then you don’t have a leg to stand on here. Technology is technology. She probably plays a couple silly educational games on the iPad every now and then.

As he told PEOPLE in a follow-up interview, Brooks read those comments “tons and tons” — but stands by his parenting. “Videos only show a short clip of our life …We know we’re good parents, and it’s too bad some people can’t just take a video for how it is.”

Image: YouTube

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