I Was the ‘Blogger of the Day’ at Anderson Live Today!

What a week this has been! On Tuesday I appeared on HLN’s Raising America to talk to Kyra Phillips about being a work-at-home-mom (WAHM!) as part of Babble’s collaboration with them on The Mommy Wars. During my appearance I cracked a joke about Rush Limbaugh, who apparently has a Google Alert for TV (ha/patent it!), and on his radio show Wednesday he talked about my bit, calling me “this Castiglia babe.” I tried to ask Rush out several times over Twitter and I called into his show yesterday but the line was busy, busy, busy. Turns out Rush is all bark and no bite. This Castiglia babe’s offer for you to buy me a steak dinner still stands, sir!

This morning I got up super dupes early (for a comedian) and headed to the set of Anderson Live to tweet the show while it was being taped. If you’ve never been to a live television taping before, it’s a total blast. I highly recommend you get tickets to whatever your favorite talk show is and experience it in a whole new way the next time you’re on vacation in Chicago, New York or LA. I have been so excited the past few days, thinking about meeting Anderson Cooper who I like totally obsessively adore, and my entire experience at his show lived up to my hopeful expectations.

Here are some shots that cover my morning from arrival to hair and makeup through the taping and my return home. Enjoy! Thanks so much to those of you who have been loyal readers for the past three years (!!!) and to the edit team here at Babble for sending me to Cooper’s town:

  • Dressing Room 1 of 13
    Dressing Room
    I was so flattered to see my name on the dressing room door, along with Danny Seo, who did the Frugal Friday segment. His money saving tip: go to the grocery store on Wednesday at 8 pm to get the best deals!
  • Hair by Lisa! 2 of 13
    Hair by Lisa!
    I asked Lisa to give me the Grumpy Cat Poof and she worked it out. My very talented makeup artist is in the background. Thanks for making me look beautiful, ladies!
  • Judge Marilyn Milian 3 of 13
    Judge Marilyn Milian
    Judge Marilyn Milian of The People's Court (which I used to watch with my grandparents when I was a kid back in the Judge Wapner days) was Anderson's co-host. We're so psyched to be wearing yellow!
  • Dena Blizzard 4 of 13
    Dena Blizzard
    I got an unexpected surprise when I walked into the actual studio area and saw my friend Dena Blizzard warming-up the audience! As my new producer friend Myescha and I discussed at the end of the show, every time something serendipitous happens like that, I feel like it's a sign that I'm on the right path.
  • Warm-Up Dance 5 of 13
    Warm-Up Dance
    If you have been to a TV taping, you know the warm-up is usually the most fun part of the show, because there's always music and dancing and funny stuff happening. These audience members were killin' it on the floor!
  • Dena and Me 6 of 13
    Dena and Me
    You can learn more about Dena at
  • And We’re Rolling… 7 of 13
    And We're Rolling...
    Anderson and Marilyn were talking about these parents who shamed their teen daughter publicly. In the most poignant moment of the show, Judge Milian said she thinks this kind of shaming is "nothing short of child abuse." I agree.
  • GRUMPY CAT 8 of 13
    No matter how psyched I was to see Anderson, I have to admit there was only one real star of today's show, and that was Grumpy Cat (née Tartar Sauce). Photo provided by Anderson Live.
  • Judge Grumpy 9 of 13
    Judge Grumpy
    I didn't get to meet the chat célèbre, but I saw her up close enough to say she is the goddamn cutest. Photo provided by Anderson Live.
  • Empty Set 10 of 13
    Empty Set
    A close-up of the set after the audience left the studio.
  • Phantom Anderson 11 of 13
    Phantom Anderson
    TV sets are known for hiding funny knick-knacks like this among the other pieces as kind of an inside joke. I don't know what this is about, but I love it.
  • Thuggin’ with Security 12 of 13
    Thuggin' with Security
    As I was live-tweeting the show, I gave a shout-out to Anderson's security guards for being such handsome fellas, so I asked if I could take a pic. Security on Anderson's show is tight, which isn't surprising, considering the threats he's had to deal with while reporting abroad. Remarkably, in spite of his fame and experience, Anderson Cooper is one of the most unshaken, down-to-earth, genuine and interesting people in America.
  • Shut Up. 13 of 13
    I can't even with this pic. I walked up to Anderson after the show in the meet and greet line and I knew I had to keep it short, but I wanted to let him know that so many friends had been so excited about me blogging his show and to tell him that we all love him, so I just said, "Anderson Cooper, you are everyone's hero." He let me hug him and that's why I look stoned in this photo. His glow will stay with me forever..... Photo provided by Anderson Live.


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