iCarly Spaghetti Tacos For Dinner?

spaghetti tacos from iCarly
Would your kid eat this?

How does spaghetti tacos sound for dinner tonight?  Kind of weird and perhaps a little gross?  Maybe, but according to an article in the New York Times Dining and Wine section, spaghetti tacos are all the rage among tv-watching tweens.

If you are the parent of a tween – especially a tween girl – then you probably don’t need an explanation for how two such dissimilar foods came together on the same plate.  But for the rest of you, let me explain.

Carly Shay, the main character on Nickelodeon’s hit show iCarly, has a fictional older brother named Spencer.  Spencer, who happens to be totally adorable and the object of many a mom crush, is a sculptor.  He creates art by putting together things that don’t usually go together.  A hat made of spoons, a fan made of hammers and a Christmas tree covered in noses, just to name a few.

But Spencer’s most famous creation is spaghetti tacos, a meal he makes for little sister Carly and her friends. And it’s just what it sounds like:  Taco shells stuffed with spaghetti.  And while the dish is fictional, the fans are not and they are eating it up.

The New York Time profiles several families who have embraced the spaghetti taco.  It’s a great idea for kid’s parties but is also an easy-to-make dinner that the little ones can put together themselves.

We’re big fans of the iCarly show in my house but we’ve never made spaghetti tacos ourselves. What about you?  Have you made them?  Did you like them? What other unusual foods do your kids love?

Image: Francesco Tonelli for The New York Times

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