Idaho Mom Of Three Faces Jail Time For Self-Induced Late Term Abortion

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Is the abortion ban in Idaho bringing about the return of the back alley abortion?

The recently enacted abortion ban bill in Idaho is already making waves. Signed just two months ago in April, law a measure prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, made Idaho the third state to enact such a late term abortion ban.  Unfortunately, its consequences are being seen in the state. Jennie L. McCormack, mother of three became desperate after finding out she was pregnant again. Instead of seeking medical care, she had her sister purchase abortion inducing drugs online for her. She ingested the drugs and intentionally miscarried.

Initially, McCormack said she believed she was just 14 weeks pregnant. Yet when investigators examined the remains, they determined the fetus was anywhere from 20-25 gestational age when aborted.

Now McCormack is facing a $5,000 penalty and up to five years in prison if found guilty.

According to the Idaho Press, an acquaintance of one of her sister’s friends, Brenda Carnahan called the police to turn in McCormack when she learned what was happening:

“There’s other things she could have done,” Carnahan said. “She could have asked for some type of help.”

McCormack aborted the fetus on Christmas Eve last year and police say they found the fetus in a box on the back porch on January 9. McCormack claims she was unable to afford the doctors visits and medical bills associated with an actual medical abortion.

It was a foolish decision by all means for this mom who has three other children aged from 2-17. Ordering drugs online is ridiculously unsafe. An abortion in a medical facility during the second trimester is a three-day procedure that includes ultrasound, counseling and lab work. The actual procedure requires general anesthesia. It is not easy or simple even with supervised medical care. McCormack also could have obtained free contraceptives or even a morning after pill at Planned Parenthood and other organizations that cater to poor women.

Do you think she face the fines and jail time? (If she does, what happens to her other three kids?) Will this case serve as a deterrent for other women in Idaho to not have second trimester abortions?

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