Identical Twins Give Birth on the Same Day

They say twins like to do everything together. Dressing alike I can understand, but giving birth together? Which means they likely tried to get pregnant together?

It happened in Ohio today. As reports, the identical twins gave birth about two hours apart. Donavyn Scott Bratten was born just after noon on the last day of 2012. Aiden Lee Alan Dilts was born around 2 p.m.

19-year-old new moms Aimee and Ashlee Nelson said they did not plan the births to come at the same time, though.

So does that mean they planned the pregnancies but just not the due dates?

According to The Akron Beacon Journal, the due dates were reportedly about a week apart. The girls’ mom, Marcella Farson, said they weren’t raised to do things alike so it all came as a big surprise. She does tell the Beacon Journal that one thing the girls did do together was complain.

“Within the past two months, me being the mother, I would get a whiny phone call in the middle of the night on what’s going on and I would hang the phone up and literally five minutes later I would have the other one crying.”

The baby boys were delivered by the same doctor. I wonder if they went to their OB-GYN appointments together? Did they go into labor together? How did they decide who delivered first? Don’t these reporters know these are the questions we want answered?

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