If Barbie Had a Baby: A Maternity Photo Shoot

Barbie has everything — a sprawling dream house, a vast wardrobe, a pink convertible, a slew of careers — and now, thanks to the creative efforts of Mindy at Itsy Bitsy Creations, she also has an obnoxiously adorable baby belly captured on film.

My favorite thing about Barbie’s maternity photo shoot is how traditional the poses are despite the fact that, in true Barbie fashion, she is dressed in what can only be described as “club wear.” ¬†Six inch heels on a pregnant woman? Only Barbie could pull that off.

Mindy has created Barbie’s bump with cotton, but in a real Mattel released doll I’d like to see less of the slender, basketball under the shirt look and at little more round face and swollen ankles. After all, we wouldn’t want little girls thinking this whole process is effortless, would we?

  • Belly gazing 1 of 7
    Belly gazing
    A classic maternity shot for all expecting mothers.
  • Relaxing on a blanket 2 of 7
    Relaxing on a blanket
    Why do I get the feeling that, unlike most pregnant women, Barbie won't need help picking herself up off the ground?
  • A word about her thighs 3 of 7
    A word about her thighs
    There's something disturbing about the fact that they don't touch even during pregnancy. Maybe that's just me.
  • Leaning against a tree 4 of 7
    Leaning against a tree
    Can you rub your belly and pat your head...while pregnant? Barbie can.
  • Rubbing her stomach 5 of 7
    Rubbing her stomach
    And balancing perfectly in her stilettos.
  • Lounging on a log 6 of 7
    Lounging on a log
    Careful there, Barbie. That skirt is dangerously short.
  • A close up 7 of 7
    A close up
    I choose to believe Barbie isn't very far along in her pregnancy and hasn't yet exited the adorably pregnant stage that last for about two days in the second trimester.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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