If “Tedious Parenting Magazine” Were Real, We’d Totally Subscribe

PTGFAKECOVERThey’re on to us, fellow parents! It’s seems a Twitter user named Kittus hacked our social media feeds and created a mock parenting magazine cover highlighting our behavior. “Advanced Tedious Parenting Magazine” boasts cover lines ranging from “Witless Facebook Anecdotes: Fish for Likes with Tales of Your Little Tykes!” to “I Promise I’ll Only Show You One: Photo Forcing Techniques Revealed.” Yikes.

Instead of frantically scouring your news feed for evidence, deleting those status updates with LOL quotes from your oh-so-hilarious second grader (points at self), and hiding the repetitive Instagram shots of your kid in various outfits (yep, busted again), let’s just fast forward to the acceptance phase.

Yes, we have a tendency to over-share. We dress our babies up in ridiculous onesies that say things like “I’m a boob man.” We post waaaay too many pictures of our kids sleeping/skipping/smiling/sitting that are much more “amazing” to us than they’ll ever be to anyone else. We don’t just think, we KNOW, that our toddlers are wittier than Oscar Wilde. They’re also smarter than Steve Jobs, more talented than Kanye thinks he is, and waaaay better looking than a 2-year-old Gisele.

We may be a bit cliché, but we also have a sense of humor. Now where can we get a subscription?


Image courtesy of @Kittus.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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