If There Were Ever a Time When Someone Else's Pregnancy Was Your Business, This Might Be It

Belen Succi
Belen Succi

Someone else’s pregnancy is no one else’s business, right? Sure, by virtue of the fact that most pregnant women are visibly with child makes some people think they have a right to do stuff like ask questions and rub their belly. But really, the decision to get and be pregnant is between a mom and her fetus.

Sometimes, however, a woman’s pregnancy doesn’t exactly fit into other people’s plans. Whether it’s a spouse who would have rather done some traveling before becoming a parent or a friend who doesn’t appreciate taking a back burner to a new baby or perhaps a co-worker who resents the coming of a child because it interferes with work plans — the news of a new baby isn’t always met with joy.

The latter is the case with Luciana Aymar. She’s the seven-time international woman’s field hockey player of the year. She’s annoyed that one of her teammates, the starting goalie on Argentina’s Olympic team for this summer’s games in London, is pregnant.

“She could have waited three months,” Aymar told Olethe Argentine sports daily, according to Yahoo Sports.

Belen Succi will have to miss the Olympic games as she prepares to give birth. The pregnancy was planned, despite Aymar pleading with her to hold off until after the summer.

“It was a tough blow,” Aymar said. “I wish her the best as a mother-to-be, but for us as a team it was hard. As a goalie, ‘Goofy’ is huge, and the truth is she left us in a tight spot.”

Aymar kind of has a point. Except if Succi’s team knew she was trying to get pregnant, maybe they should have had a backup plan in place (which is the nightmare of any pregnant woman who fears becoming replaced and irrelevant at work)? Or maybe Succi should have stepped aside much sooner so that her team would be forced to prepare in the event she got what she wanted most, which was to be pregnant (and thereby admitting she could no longer do her job, although in this case, she really can’t). It’s kind of lose-lose for a team who understandably wants to win-win.

It’s probably safe to say Succi’s teammates won’t be rubing her belly for good luck in London.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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