A School’s Ban on Yoga Pants for Girls is Not the Answer

More than 20 students at Rockport High in Massachusetts were sent home to change last week after protesting their high school’s no-leggings or yoga pants policy.

The principal had reminded students of the policy the day before so, as Yahoo reports, the girls decided to wear the pants the next day in protest.

Superintendent Rob Liebow tells Yahoo he supports the principal in his decision to address the situation. Liebow says the policy is firmly in place for students to adhere to, he said.

Fox in Philadelphia reports that senior Aidan Wright was one of the students written up for wearing yoga pants. She and other female students don’t understand why they are suddenly such a problem.

“It’s called attention to something that no one even thought about,” student Katharine Boucher said.

Nail on the head, Katherine! A+ for you!

As long as the pants aren’t of the see-through Lululemon variety, this mom ain’t seeing the big freaking deal either. Leggings have been around since the ’80s and are no different to me than jeggings or skinny jeans. Not only that, but the ban is sexualizing high school girls and teaching them to be ashamed of their feminine forms. My 5-year-old daughter wears leggings nearly every day so are those inappropriate? Or they’re only inappropriate once a girl reaches 15 or so? Come on! It’s ridiculous. Aren’t there more important things for a high school principal to be concerning himself with?

A commenter on Yahoo sums up what I perceive to be the problem in one terrifying paragraph:

“Girls-if you don’t realize that most 15 to 18-year-old boys are a raging inferno of (confused) hormones at that age who get a woody whenever the wind blows, then you are an freaking idiot. Give them a break! YOU know the ONLY reason you wear yoga pants IS to show off your #$%$ and tease the guys, so don’t go all innocent on us with the, “Its not my fault little Johnny can’t control his wet dreams”

Um, this is nothing more than the old “she was asking for it” nonsense trotted out when a woman dressed provocatively is attacked by a man. Dare I suggest that a woman is not responsible for the way a man perceives her body? Dare I suggest the way he thinks and feels about a woman and her clothing is the sole responsibility of the man having the thoughts and feelings?  Or the parents of the teenager who will be confronted with naughty yoga pants and leggings virtually everywhere he goes during his day? Should we ask our young ladies to wear burkas to school so as not to distract the boys from their studies?

As a second, much more insightful commenter on Yahoo notes, “If the sight of the form of a female leg is too big a distraction for you to deal with, you have more problems than how the girls in your class dress.”

Can we acknowledge that branding something as “policy” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right thing to do? Taking hot lunches from students whose account balances are at zero is also a policy, but at some point we have to behave as rational adults who realize that something being policy doesn’t inherently make it a good thing.

Banning yoga pants? Silly. Take another look at the policy, Superintendent Liebow.


It looks like the school is taking another look at the ban. According to Boston.com, school officials have decided to back off the ban and form a committee that will take another look at the dress code before making a final decision.

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