If You Give A Mouse An Olive…Gross Salad Bar Video Disturbs Even Native New Yorkers

If You Give A Mouse An Olive…Gross Salad Bar Video
Looks like the lil guy has a preference for olives...

I want my kids to eat their veggies as much as the next person, but between you and me when we’re at a salad bar, I’d rather have them skip their greens.

When I was little, my mother never, ever let us eat anything from an open salad bar. “You never know what was running across the food at night,” she’d say. We’d roll our eyes and walk past the open food, but who knows, she may have been saving us from a stomach upset here and there.

It’s not news that salad bars have been found to contain bacteria. I mean where else will you find the guy seated next to you rummaging through your food before you eat it?

Then, like my mother said who really does know what is crawling through your lettuce, or olives as it turns out, once the store closes up shop for the night? captured, what is perhaps one of the grossest moments in salad bar history when it posted a video of Fairway Market’s salad bar. In it, a tiny little mouse (some say baby rat!) is hiding out in a tub of olives. Possibly the only thing more disturbing than watching it is being one of the people who recently picked up a lunch there and can remember lifting that ladle filled with olives into their midday lunch.

How did they capture the video when the store was closed?

It wasn’t!

The video was shot just after midnight and the store closes at 1 am, so the mouse was out among late night patrons.

Watch the video below and then tell us if you regularly let your kids eat from salad bars.


Image: YouTube

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