I'm A Pinterest Failure

I have a confession to make: Pinterest leaves me kind of cold. I know. I’m a mommy blogging failure. Before last night I didn’t even know where one even bought mason jars, much less know how to turn them into a thousand darling little crafty type things. I fail at Pinterest.

I’m not that much of an early adopter, though; it took me months after I first about Twitter to sign up for it, and now I’m a complete Twitter fiend, so I keep diligently visiting Pinterest at the end of each day hoping that it will eventually click for me. But it hasn’t.

I mean, I get it. We all love to look at beautiful things. But instead of being inspired, the images of beautiful houses and lovely hair and perfect makeup and expensive shoes just makes me feel, well, like the (nearly) middle-aged woman that I am in a house with a kid that hasn’t been mopped in a really long time (um, not the kid; she’s been mopped, for sure).

Admittedly, I am a crafting black hole. The anti-craft, if you will. Many, many of my online friends do NOT suffer from this affliction in any way, however, and totally think it’s a good idea to take an old board and mount a hook and mason jar on it as a way to hang towels and organize toothbrushes. You know what I see when I look at that? I think, “Holy crap, how do you get that jar out of there to wash out that inevitable muck that gathers at the bottom of improperly rinsed toothbrushes?

I know, I’m fun at parties, too.

Seriously, I look at string art and think, DUST. I see pizza crust made out of cauliflower and I think, GROSS. I see Hello Kitty nail art and I think ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME WITH THIS.

Seriously. OH MY GOD. Pinterest is like a massive collection of the shiny and perfect that is another tool to make me feel insufficient.

Luckily, I’m not alone. Sites such as the wickedly funny Pinterest, You Are Drunk are emerging, making me feel less alone in my general “Huh?” about Pinterest. Meanwhile, I’m willing to concede that it’s entirely possible that I’m simply doing Pinterest wrong. Got a board I should follow? Know something I’m clearly missing? Feel free to share in the comments. I really, really want to get it. Lead me out of the dark place of being anti-Pinterest, I beg you.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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