Impressive! Cheerleader Who Can Deadlift 230 Pounds (Video)

Meet Anna Watson, a University of Georgia cheerleader who can dead lift over 230 pounds.

Watson’s story was covered on GMA last week, focusing on her commitment to fitness, cheerleading and her faith.

Watson got her start weightlifting when she attended Hawaii Pacific college – she moved from cardio to weights to help her gain strength for cheerleading stunts and routines.

She built up her guns with hours of daily exercise, including dead lifting 230 pounds and doing bicep curls with 35-pound weights. Now she works out five times a week by herself and three times with her cheerleading squad.

Anna was also recently offered a $75,000 fitness modeling contract, but didn’t take it because she would have to take legal steroids to add 50 pounds of body weight.

Watson wants to keep her strength and fitness natural go get ‘em, Anna!

She’s studying exercise and sports science and plans to be a personal trainer.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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