"Inappropriate" or "Nature’s Way?" Despite the Law, The Breastfeeding in Public Debate Continues; American Girl Responds.

American Girl has issued a statement regarding the recent mistreatment of a breastfeeding mother in an NYC store.

American Girl has issued an official statement regarding the recent mistreatment of a breastfeeding mom shopping in their NYC store this past weekend. Joanna DiCarlo was told to stop nursing her baby in a sitting area of the store. She then moved to the fitting room where employees loudly talked about her outside the door.

A representative from American Girl sent a response to me via email last night:

“American Girl supports mothers’ rights to breastfeed in any location in our stores. As a courtesy, we make available more private areas in all of our stores for women who prefer this.

We’re taking this misunderstanding very seriously and are looking into this matter at our New York location. We are truly sorry for any discomfort our customer experienced and have reached out to her directly to further discuss this with her.”

Joanna’s husband has been tweeting and blogging about the incident, and posted a tweet yesterday that the manager of the American Girl store in question did contact the family to see how they could make it up to them.

It’s sparked quite the heated conversation as many readers debate if exposed breasts while nursing a baby in public should be allowed, despite breastfeeding laws that protect and support breastfeeding mothers.

Others are still angry and opting to boycott American Girl. It is an opportunity for all companies to take careful note. OneĀ  Facebook commenter, Sherry Thompson suggested, “The company should make a statement and discipline the staff, as well as, have a training session. I would take a big guess that most of their clientele are mothers? How would we react if this was racial discrimination? We shouldn’t have to be polite about or ask for equal rights, especially when its the law.”

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