Incest and Sexism Reign in Toyota's Online Ad Contest

clean-getaways-yarisI’m pretty lenient on the limits of the appropriate when it comes to humor. My general rule is, if you make me laugh out loud, you don’t have to be politically correct.

Which is why I’m just speechless over the video that won an online Toyota commercial contest. The ad is filled with the type of sexual innuendo you would expect from a sexist and not very witty 15-year-old boy. Plot line: a hot teenage girl is compared to a car! Get it? Because, like, you take them both for a ride, and they can both “take a good pounding!” LOL, right?

The worst part is, much of this juvenile drivel is coming from a father talking about his daughter. Call me uptight, but I don’t see anything funny about a father who is both excessively controlling and enthusiastic about his daughter’s sex life.

After viewers complained that the ad, called Clean Getaways, was offensive, Toyota pulled it from the contest Web site–but not before it netted the makers $7,000 and the admiration of judges. Toyota Australia’s marketing director has said they are sticking by the film, and some commentators have come out in support of the ad, such as John Davis, who noted, “I can’t help notice it’s only women who are complaining here, nag, nag, nag.”

Toyota is still deciding whether or not to rescind the prize money and select another winner. Seems like a no-brainer to me, but, hey, I’m just a naggy woman.

What do you fathers think? Is John Davis right this video is only offensive to women?

Photo: Direct Traffic Media

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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