6 Simple Ways to Boost Confidence in Your Relationship

It’s only natural for couples to feel insecure about their relationships from time to time.

While some folks get nervous when things get tough, others get nervous when things are going too well. Whatever the cause for that uneasy feeling, we can all use a boost of confidence in our relationship.

YourTango asked their readers to reveal what made them feel most secure in their relationships. The most popular answers were “compliments me/tells me how he or she feels about me” and “really listens to me/gives me his or her full attention.” Not surprisingly, both answers provided the comfort and reassurance we all crave to feel confident in the longevity of our relationships.

Check of these 6 ways to build confidence in your relationship from our expert friends at YourTango.

Share honestly: You’re partners in love, but as partners in life, emotional intimacy matters. Dating and relationship coach Lisa L. Payne suggests expressing your dreams and challenges confidently with your partner to increase intimacy and understanding.

Get in touch: There’s touch and then there’s touch. Marriage and family therapist Ashley Seeger tells us sex and sensuality is both different and necessary in romantic relationships. Seeger suggests engaging in playful sensual touch that doesn’t lead to sex.

Declare it: Self-worth is an important dynamic to any healthy relationship. Relationship coach Lisa L. Payne reveals the importance of making a personal declaration that you not only deserve to be loved, but that your love is worth receiving.

Avoid non-verbal contempt: Once again we learn the vicious eye-roll and heavy sigh breed contempt in relationships. Marriage and family therapist Ashley Seeger went so far as to say, “Whenever I see couples responding to each other with eye rolls or sighs I give them a 50 % chance of making it.” Whoa! Seeger says these non-verbal actions show contempt and hinder open and earnest love.

Move it: Get off the couch and move your body to a better relationship. According to Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski, exercise boosts mood and increases sexual hormones. We’re sold!

Clear your mind: Relationship coach Lisa L. Payne suggests taking time each day to clear your mind and focus on positive affirmations that reinforce your intentions in your relationship.

For 6 more ways to build confidence in your relationship, visit YourTango.

How do you address insecurity in your relationship?

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