Ingenious Ads Serve as a Reminder That Life’s Too Short for the Wrong Job (PHOTOS)

Unfortunately, most of us have to work. Fortunately, many of us like what we do. For those who don’t, though, it sucks. There’s simply no sugarcoating the feeling of getting up early each morning to spend the better part of your waking hours toiling away at something you don’t enjoy. What’s even worse? When that thing that you have to do every day that makes you miserable takes you away from the people and things you want to be with and doing the most.

Becoming a mom to my older daughter five years ago put that in perspective for me — big time. It’s when I started working from home, in fact. I left my non-creative, soul-sucking office job to spend all my time with my babies doing work that fulfills (and, happily, pays) me.

But this year, after witnessing far too much tragedy in the lives of too many people I care deeply about, I really have a new outlook. Which means I am 100 percent certain that life is too short for the wrong job. That doesn’t mean you can just up and quit — because most of don’t have that luxury — but there just has to be a way out of bad situations that take you away from your beloved family only to be miserable in order to pay the mortgage. The solution usually isn’t easy or immediate, but other options often exist.

A German job-hunting website,, has an ad campaign that is spot-on for anyone who has ever worked a job that made them feel as if they’d rather have their eyelashes plucked one at a time. They’re relatable, funny, and actionable — as in, I’d be calling up these headhunters after seeing these ads if I didn’t already love what I do.

Take a look:

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