Inked-up Parents: Moms and Dads Share Their Tattoos

Do you have a tattoo? I don’t, but I’ve always been fascinated by them and the stories that go along with them. Some get inked on a whim during the wild days of their youth while others use tattoos to mark a milestone in their lives — a death, a birth, or simply falling in love.

Whatever your reason, tattoos have lost some of the negative stigma associated with them in years past and are becoming more and more accepted as a means of self-expression.

Thinking of getting some skin art for yourself? Take a look at these tattoos shared by Babble readers, but beware. I hear the ink bug bites hard. You may not be able to stop at just one.

  • Hand and footprint tattoos 1 of 21
    Hand and footprint tattoos
    "My 3-year-old's footprints and my 4-month-old's handprints. Both from the minute they were born." —Alex Eggers-Banes
  • Moon and stars tattoo 2 of 21
    Moon and stars tattoo
    This tattoo from reader April Lucas also says "Sisters, Best Friends."
  • A horse tattoo 3 of 21
    A horse tattoo
    "This is my second tattoo ... it's between my shoulder blades." —Ashlee Palikowski
  • A tattoo to remember family strength 4 of 21
    A tattoo to remember family strength
    "Here is a picture of a tattoo I got a little over a year ago after my husband ended up in the hospital, fighting for his life, going through 5 brain surgeries. This tattoo shows how much love my family has and how we can survive anything that comes our way. I love my husband Barry and our two adorable boys, Patrick and Aidan." —Cheryl McCormack
  • Loyalty and honesty tattoo 5 of 21
    Loyalty and honesty tattoo
    "Honesty and Loyalty on my wrists, the two most important makings of love." —Crystal Smith
  • Wings and cross tattoo 6 of 21
    Wings and cross tattoo
    "My tattoo. Not done yet — my son Kaleb's name is going horizontally in the center of the cross. It is my tribute tattoo to him. I was never supposed to be able to have kids, and here he is, almost 2 1/2." —Danielle Lee Batherwich
  • Religion-inspired tattoo 7 of 21
    Religion-inspired tattoo
    From reader Elizabeth J. Lapan.
  • Dragon tattoo 8 of 21
    Dragon tattoo
    "My tattoo is based on the dragons of writer Anne McCafferey, who recently passed away. BTW: it was my Mother's day present from my hubby." —Heidi Brown
  • A tattoo in memoriam 9 of 21
    A tattoo in memoriam
    "In memory of my nephew." —Janine Elizabeth
  • A breast cancer ribbon tattoo 10 of 21
    A breast cancer ribbon tattoo
    "In honor of my mom." —Janine Elizabeth
  • Bear claw tattoos accented with children’s names 11 of 21
    Bear claw tattoos accented with children's names
    "Bears have been among the first animals to be sacred to Northern American peoples, feared and revered on account of their strength and guile. The most dangerous animals in North American woods are mother bears protecting their cubs, and they represent a symbol of protection over family. Giving them birth during hibernation, bears earned the fame to live in dreams too, and they were considered a powerful symbol of good medicine.

    My son and daughter's names in the middle, I would kill for them. True fact." —Katherine Kasper
  • Name and footprint tattoo 12 of 21
    Name and footprint tattoo
    From reader Kimbery Lynn Todd
  • Children’s name tattoos 13 of 21
    Children's name tattoos
    Reader Megan Harbaugh-Westwood tattooed her kids' names on her wrists.
  • Heart tattoo 14 of 21
    Heart tattoo
    ... And Megan also has this tattooed on her lower back.
  • A foot tattoo 15 of 21
    A foot tattoo
    From reader Michelle Masterson
  • A child’s name tattoo 16 of 21
    A child's name tattoo
    "I've had the Tigger since it looks a little faded, but I put my son's name underneath and will be adding any other kids' names underneath his." —Nicol Forguson
  • Children’s handprint tattoo 17 of 21
    Children's handprint tattoo
    "Got this about a year ago. For my two boys, Jace and Caden." —Nicole Peden
  • An Italian tattoo 18 of 21
    An Italian tattoo
    "It says live, love, laugh in Italian!" —Rachel Chiavari-Wolf
  • Family and love tattoos 19 of 21
    Family and love tattoos
    "These are dedicated to my family. The love tat is on my left wrist, for my husband." —Samantha Brogna
  • Winged heart and name tattoo 20 of 21
    Winged heart and name tattoo
    From reader Sammie Baker
  • A grateful tattoo 21 of 21
    A grateful tattoo
    "Thank you for loving me." —Shayna McKinley


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