Insanely Expensive Baby Gear

shearling-baby-papoose-expensive-things-for-babiesI’m such a committed Target shopper (I’m in good company — hey, Mrs. Jackson!) that anytime my kids get something from Babies R Us or Children’s Place or the pinnacle of fancy, BabyGap, I feel this much closer to Jennifer Garner.

Turns out, my version of baby haute couture is basically a bag of hand-me-down rags compared to the actual haute couture that’s out there for babies. Riches! Oh, how they’re wasted on the rich!

Styleite has compiled a list of 11 of the most expensive things you can buy for babies. Not included: a good reason to actually buy them.

A sampling:

The pictured (fetish-y looking) shearling baby papoose. At $550, it takes the edge off having overspent on a Baby Bjorn and days-of-the-week silk mei tai wraps.

An infant gift set: a long-sleeve onesie, hat and plastic bottle. In a Christian Dior box. $200.

Even the super-rich will have some buyer’s remorse when their little princess spends all of five minutes in a $75,000 carriage.


And oh, so many  more (an $8,500 baseball glove?).

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