Doc Tried to Force Female Employees to Watch Insemination Procedure

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Beach and Surf doc accepts pot and forces couples to have sex.

Edward Kleiner, D.O. and proprietor of Beach and Surf Medical in Long Island, has had a complaint lodged against him with the New York State Division of Human Rights for “a litany of perverse transgressions,” according to Jezebel.

Samantha Romanger, one of three women charging Kleiner with sexual harassment, says the doctor exposed himself in the middle of the office.  Another female former employee, Shivon Super, told The New York Post that Kleiner texted her constantly, sometimes sending messages of a sexual nature.  Lauren Schlanger contends that she was terminated for rejecting Kleiner’s advances.

The New York Post and Jezebel both ran a photo of Kleiner smooching a sex doll at an office party.

But the worst complaint the three women have against Kleiner, though, is far more bizarre than run-of-the-mill lewd behavior.

According to the Post, “The unmarried osteopath — who is not a fertility specialist — instructed a married couple to have sex in the office’s only bathroom to produce sperm for an artificial-insemination procedure on the wife, they said…. Then Kleiner asked one of the three female workers to accompany him into a room to watch as he injected the sperm into the wife.”

So many questions, not the least of which is, how did he retrieve the sperm after the couple had sex?  Having sex defeats the whole purpose of getting artificial insemination, no?  At any rate, Romanger refused to take part in the doctor’s sick ploy, then Kleiner told the other employees, “One of you are coming in the room, end of story.”  All three women declined the, uh, offer, and were fired shortly thereafter.  The three women disclosed in their complaint that Kleiner “sometimes took marijuana as a form of payment and charged patients for procedures for which he also billed insurance companies.”

The best part?  Kleiner describes himself on LongBeachPatch as a “surgeon who is board certified and specializes in emergency medical care.  He is also an addiction specialist and a member of the Long Beach Fire Department.”  An addiction specialist who accepts pot as payment?  Perfect.  The only fire this guy should be putting out is the one in his pants.

Photo: Jessica Zanco

Source: Jezebel

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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