Inspiring My Kids Today: Disabled Veteran Re-Learns How to Walk (Video)

Arthur Boorman was disabled after serving in the Gulf War as a paratrooper. Multiple jumps had left his back and knees so damaged, that doctors told him he would never be able to walk on his own again.

After 15 years of living life with chronic pain, depression, and significant weight gain, he stumbled upon an article about yoga, and decided to give it a try. Although several yoga instructors turned him away, yoga instructor and former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page designed a yoga program tailored to Mr. Boorman’s disabilities. As the weight came off and his strength was re-built, Mr. Boorman not only was able to walk again — he could run.

During the process of learning, Arthur was persistent. He fell many times, but kept going.

I shared this video today with my kids. Like all of us, they fall (literally and figuratively) and get up on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s harder than others. My kids have their challenges (autism, anxiety, ADHD) but never use them as excuses.

What touched me the most about watching this with my kids, though, is that they didn’t say, “hey, that’s like me, I have to keep going to speech therapy” or whatever.

They said, “hey, that’s like Delaney.”

Delaney is a young friend of ours with mitochondrial disease. She has spent all of her three years in and out of hospitals. She has leg braces, a gait trainer, and a wheelchair. Every time she’s ill, her motor skills take a hit. Every time, her parents, therapists, brother and sister work with her to help her re-gain those skills.

And every time, she has walked again. Sure, she might be a little wobbly sometimes, and she definitely gets tuckered out more quickly than other three-year-old girls. But darn if she doesn’t keep getting up and trying.

We all fall. We all get up. But it’s important to acknowledge those who do it even when it’s really, really hard. Kudos to Mr. Boorman. And now I’m off to share this video with Delaney’s family. Actually, I can actually think of a whole bunch of families to send this to, like the mom I know who fights every day to get better autism coverage for children of veterans.

Is there someone in your life who deserves more than a “hang in there” card? Share this with them.


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