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101 Muppets of Sesame StreetIn honor of Sesame Street’s 40th Anniversary, has a nifty interactive graphic.

“101 Muppets of Sesame Street” allows you to click on Muppets well-known and obscure and get info about each and every one of them, including the season they were introduced. Sure, you could look them up at the marvelous Muppet Wiki, which is what the National Post folks did. But this way is easier.

A few highlights:

Grover / Super Grover: I’m a big Grover guy. Always was. Always will be. Elmo. ELMO! Feh.

Little Jerry: Of “Little Jerry and the Monotones.” I had forgotten about him. He’s from way back in Season 2.

The Yip-Yips: They fascinated me when I was a kid. Something about the way their bodies moved when they talked. Or rather, when they yipped.

Sam the Robot: Another one I’d forgotten about.

Bip Bippadotta aka Mahna Mahna: Fun trivia fact — the famous “Mahna Mahna” sketch from The Muppet Show originated on The Street. I did not know that.

Here’s the original:

And what it became:

I think the original Muppet, Bip Bippadotta, was a little bit scarier looking than he was in his later form, when he took the name “Mahna Mahna.” But hey, it was the 70’s. A time of upheaval. And body hair.

Check out all 101 Muppets at

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