Interview with Laurie Kilmartin, Author of NYT Best-Selling Book, "Sh*tty Mom"

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The parenting guide for the rest of us.

There’s a new book in the parenting section of your local bookstore, and it looks nothing like the rest of them. It isn’t about French or Chinese mothers being superior, or about the pros of attachment parenting. It’s about what a shitty mom you can be if you only try 60% less, and it’s hilarious.

With chapters like, “How to Leave Your Baby in the Car While You Dash Into a 7-Eleven” and “This Tradition Must Die: Handwritten Thank-you Notes,” Sh*tty Mom is not for the faint-of-heart traditionalist prim and proper helicopter parent. Nor is it for the intellectual elite. Thankfully, Sh*tty Mom is written in large print that’s easy to scan (appropriately) while you’re on the john. It’s funny, it’s raw, and most importantly it’s an irreverent look at motherhood that will leave you feeling better about yourself.

I sat down with one of the book’s authors, Laurie Kilmartin, who I got to know on the stand-up scene here in New York before she moved to LA to take her job as a staff writer at Conan. We met at one of my fave little bustling Brooklyn coffee shops, just two SMYLFs (Single Mothers You Love who are Funny) and a book. Here’s what happened:

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