iPads and Toddlers: Meant for Each Other

Apple’s iPad may have been created to appeal to techno-geeks in search of the latest and greatest gadget, but they aren’t the only ones loving them.  Toddlers, who seem to have an innate understanding of how to operate the handheld devices, are literally drooling over them.

We’ve all seen the videos of little kids picking up and quickly mastering the iPad.  Within minutes of getting their little hands on one, these young children are touching and tapping their way through apps like they they’ve been doing it for years.  While these video kids may seem like little geniuses in the making, the truth is that the interface of the iPad is literally so simple a baby can do it.

But while little kids playing with iPads may currently be a novelty act, that will likely change soon.  Right now, there are only a few iPad apps created specifically for preschoolers, but the iBook store is adding more kid titles all the time and you can bet that Disney is working overtime to capture this young market with apps of their own.

But even if they build the apps, will parents be willing to shell out $500 for what amounts to a child’s toy?   I suspect they will.  Just like with the portable DVD player that used to be considered a luxury item and now comes standard in many cars, the iPad is perfectly poised to become the must-have item to entertain – and even educate – bored kids.


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