iPhone Adds Parental Controls And Adult Content

new-iphone-app-hottest-girls-features-nudityApple has approved a new iPhone app that features — ready for this? — nekkid ladies. (Governor Sanford might like this. Heh heh.)

Anyway, the app, creatively titled “Hottest Girls”, costs $1.99 and is apparently now available for purchase. The developer, Allen Leung, claims that it is “the first app to have nudity.”

Obsessable points out that the company may or may not have actually approved the app for sale. They also point out something incredibly obvious — “these are just still images of nude women, something that is freely and readily available to any internet-connected device with a working web browser and that includes Mobile Safari on the iPhone and iPod touch.” Right on, brother. Not that I knew that such things were available on the Interwebs, of course.

What I don’t understand is how Apple will verify ages. I’ve heard stories of kids who download apps to their parents’ iPhones. So this “control” won’t do anything at all.

In a way, I think it’s good that they have the controls, though. This way developers can have more freedom to include potentially objectionable applications. “Adult” doesn’t always mean “nudity.” Sometimes it’s language. Or fun.

Aside: I never thought about how “parental controls” and “adult content” always go together. It’s obvious, of course. If you don’t have “adult” or “potentially objectionable” content, you don’t need “parental controls.” Just never thought about it that way.

There’s another way to keep adult iPhone content away from your kids. Don’t let them download apps without your permission. There are these cool things called “passwords.” Don’t give yours to your child. Works like a charm.

Also from Obsessable, this very funny clip of video game characters singing the “Avenue Q” classic “The Internet is for Porn.” It’s not quite as good as Trekkie Monster’s rendition, but it’s worth a peek.

Source: Obsessable

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