Irish Names: Guide to 10 Baby Names and Meanings

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What's so hard about the name Padraig?

Irish baby names are verrrrrry popular. And for good reason! Who doesn’t love a baby Finn, a Quinn, a Liam, or Nola? Or Kevin, Ryan, Fiona, or Neal?

But Irish names can get hard for those of us not so connected to the Motherland. Pronunciation is fine — but only if we don’t have to read the names first!

Like how do you say Diarmuid, Dubhlainn, Eoghan, Proinsias, and Tadhg?

Those are just the boys. Over on the girl charts, we’ve got Saoirse, Sile, Siobhan, Caoimhe and Ruari. Are you sure you’re saying them right?

Here is a guide to these 10 Irish baby names and their English equivalents (if they exist). Consider this is also a plea for patience with the world who will not only misspell but misread those names until the end of time. Which should not stop you from picking them for your child.

Because Irish names? They’re pretty great.

Irish boy names

Diarmuid (Dermot): deer-mid

Dubhlainn (Doolin): dove-lin

Eoghan (Owen, Eugene): o-in

Proinsias (Francis, Frank): pron-she-is

Tadhg (Timothy): ti-gue

Irish girl names

Saoirse (Liberty): sear-sha

Sile (Sheila): she-la

Siobhan (Chevonne): shiv-awn

Caoimhe (Keeva): kee-va

Ruari (Rori): ro-ri

Here’s a huge list of Irish baby boy and baby girl names, along with pronunciation guides, English equivalents, meaning AND audio in case you just can’t get it down.

Do your babies have Irish names? Did you go for the full-on Irish spellings?

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