Is ’30 Rock’ a ‘Muppet Show’ Rip-off?

300px-30rock-piggyYou love “30 Rock.” You love “The Muppet Show.”

Maybe there’s a reason you love them both.

Writer Bryan Lynch makes an amazingly compelling case for why Tina Fey’s popular-but-low-rated sitcom is actually just a big ol’ copy of Jim Henson’s old-time variety show.

Some highlights:

Each week, our smart yet neurotic lead character has to manage a group of wacky misfits and put on a weekly sketch comedy show. Which show am I talking about?

The insane cast member overflowing with eccentricities? Check. Is in a committed relationship but has a wandering eye? Check. Has to be watched closely or he will hurt himself? Check. Watch this clip from THE MUPPET SHOW and picture Tracy Jordan doing it instead of Gonzo:

Kenneth is a naive, earnest page who runs around the set trying to put out fires and make everyone happy. Scooter, on the other hand, is a naive, earnest GO-FER who runs around the set trying to put out fires and make everyone happy. Totally different.

As an added bonus, reading Lynch’s post caused me to remember “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” (“Boys becoming men… Men becoming wolves…”), and by following his YouTube link, I discovered that there is a FULL-LENGTH VERSION of the faux “Tracy Jordan Novelty Record.” Listen to it here.

The image above, by the way, is from an actual episode of “30 Rock.” I think Mr. Lynch may be on to something. How about you?

Source: BlogLynch

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