The Devil's Holiday? Fascinating Anti-Halloween Posters and Religious Tracts [IMAGES]

Church members left this pamphlet at a home decorated for Halloween.

There seems to be a growing amount of anti-Halloween sentiment in schools across the country this year.  The LA Times published a feature this week about schools nationwide that have banned any acknowledgment of Halloween, meaning no costumes, no candy.  Some schools won’t even call October 31st Halloween.  At my daughter’s school in Brooklyn, they’re referring to the holiday as “Character Day,” and children are invited to dress up as a character from literature.  (Um, I hope Dora the Explorer books count as “literature.”)  Instructions for costuming include “no masks, no weapons, no high heeled shoes.”

When I heard about these regulations, I wondered if they were put in place to avoid ruffling the feathers of some religious folks who have long considered Halloween the work of the devil.  I started searching the Internet for anti-Halloween sentiment and came across lots of web pages suggesting that “good Christians” should not participate in such an evil celebration, and others that suggested Halloween trick-or-treating provides an opportunity for zealots to pass out Bibles and religious tracts.  I’ve gathered a slew of bizarre and intriguing images, below, that I came across in my search for anti-Halloween rhetoric.  The first half are comic strips in English that use Halloween as a forum for promoting Jesus over Satan and the second half are posters in Spanish (which I’ve translated) urging believers to stop participating in unholy Halloween customs.

  • Stinky 1 of 14
    From a Chick Publications tract called Stinky, about one of the devil's minions who goes trick-or-treating with neighborhood children and tries to lure them over to the dark side.
  • Boo! 2 of 14
    From Boo, a Chick Publications tract about a camp where Satan kills 19 teenagers. You know, good times.
  • Devil’s Night Part 1 3 of 14
    From Chick Publications tract Devil's Night, about the supposed origins of Halloween and human sacrifice.
  • Devil’s Night Part 2 4 of 14
    The moral of the story? It's okay to greet trick-or-treaters at your door with candy as long as you also give them a little Jesus to take home!
  • Happy Halloween 5 of 14
    Happy Halloween is a Chick Publications tract about teens who visit a haunted house, and as a result, one of them gets killed. Yay!
  • The Little Princess 6 of 14
    The Little Princess, also by Chick Publications, uses death and Halloween as a backdrop to teach children that they should accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Fun!
  • Child Sacrifice 7 of 14
    Translation: "Sacrificed their sons and daughters to demons." Image.
  • No Wizards 8 of 14
    ...or sorcerers. Image.
  • No witches, either. 9 of 14
    Especially not the kind who sweep! Image.
  • Satanism Market 10 of 14
    Do not buy junk! Image.
  • You Decide 11 of 14
    Translation: "Disguised occult and makeup party for advertising. Disappearances occur tonight. For Satanism it's the year's biggest night. Very close to him and black masses were held spiritualist cults." Image.
  • Do Not Participate 12 of 14
    ...in the works of darkness. Image.
  • Do Not be Fooled! 13 of 14
    Translation: While watching this picture there are those who gather to threaten your life. Do not be fooled. Image.
  • Really Only for the Brave! 14 of 14
    This October 31 Halloween leaves out of your life and that of your children. Image.

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