Is the Thank You Note a Dying Art? Will Our Kids Stop Sending Them?

Are Thank You Notes Dying?

Is the etiquette of writing ‘Thank You Notes’ a dying, antiquated gesture? I, for one, sure hope not.  But the thank you note is becoming a rarity and sadly a practice that is apparently not being passed down to our younger generations.

The numbers are shocking in an Emily Post would be rolling in her grave sort of way…

A TODAY Moms and online survey of 6,000 parents found that 30.7 percent always require their kids to send a note, 41.7 percent sometimes make their kids write a thank-you and 27.6 never do.”

Wow, only about 30 percent have their kids send out thank you notes? Personally, I always make sure our daughter (or since she is young, we do so on her behalf) send out thank you cards for any and all Christmas and birthday presents.  We, like the other 30 percent, don’t want our kids to appear or feel spoiled and entitled and to make sure to they make some sign of appreciation to those who spent time, money, and thought on giving her a gift.  Having a thankful, humble and gracious child can only breed a better, more well mannered adult, right?

And it turns out it’s an age thing. According to their poll, parents who are under the age of thirty are “almost twice as likely to let their kids skip thank-you notes than moms over 45.”

And of course the Emily Post Institute has something to say about this. “Thank-you notes are a concrete way to help kids learn about showing appreciation,” Cindy Post Senning said. “People stop doing nice things for each other if we don’t say ‘thank you.'”

She added that this was an important form of etiquette that should continue saying, “It is not irrelevant or old-fashioned,” Post Senning said. “It is really important and it will make a huge difference for them later in life.”

Are you part of the 30%? If not, are you just too busy to have your kids do thank you cards or do you think it’s just not that big of a deal?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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