Is Typing Going The Way of Cursive In School Classrooms?

Computers and typing have made writing very nearly a relic of the past so why are some people speculating that typing may go the way of cursive when it comes to what’s being taught in classrooms?

A while ago I speculated on the future of cursive writing after TIME magazine reported that many schools have opted not to teach cursive inspecting students to become proficient at keyboard use.”

Now, after keyboarding classes have become a requirement for years, as Salon reports, some say predictive keyboards on smartphones and tablet touch screens are threatening the relevancy of typing classes.

Dallas typing instructor Julie Phillips says she’s seeing fewer students coming in with keyboarding knowledge.  However, mobile technology analysts say keyboards likely won’t disappear from computers. But mobile phone-makers say speed is important, and predictive screens decrease the time needed to type — or thumb — each word. Which means our generation could be the one that really spent the most time typing and keyboards of the future will slowly evolve until typing – as we know it – no longer exists in much the way cursive handwriting is slowly fading in relevance.

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