Is Yelling at Your Kids Okay? One Expert Says Some Yelling is Good for Kids

yelling at kids
Do you yell at your kids?

Do you yell at your kids? And then do you often feel guilty for raising your voice and giving your kids a piece of your mind?

I admit, I yell at my kids more often than I would like to, but I know I’m not alone. Sometimes the situation requires a louder and more stern tone.

For instance, having to repeat myself numerous times to get my point across is maddening. That may warrant a little yelling. Right? 

Turns out that yelling isn’t entirely a bad thing, according to psychologist George Holden, who recently conducted a study about how parents discipline their children.

Holden shares, “Even I’ll admit to yelling at my kids when they were a lot younger. And I’m a pretty laid-back, calm guy. It’s certainly challenging to be a parent. No question.”

In Holden’s study, 36 moms and one dad agreed to make audio recordings, as Holden explains, “The study was billed as looking at normal parent-child interaction in the home.”

Holden believes that “A bit of yelling is good for kids,” adding, “If you’re angry at the child, it’s sometimes okay to express that emotion so the child can learn to cope with negative emotion in other people.”

Of course, there are various levels of yelling and he agrees that humiliating and putting down kids is not cool.

Are you a yeller? If so, what circumstances elevate your volume? Do you find yourself yelling out of habit? Do your kids respond when you yell or is it wasted energy?

I think most parents can lose their cool from time to time, but not all resort to yelling to get their point across. Share your most helpful parenting techniques below!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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