It Could Always be Worse: 20 People Who Hate Valentine’s Day More Than You

Unhappy Valentine
All they need is love

There are two kinds of people on Valentine’s Day:

1) Those who think it’s the greatest, most romantic day of the year and believe that Hallmark and Whitman’s Samplers say it best.

2) Everyone else.

There’s also a third category of people who really, really despise the day and everything it represents. But mostly because if they want a Hallmark card and a box of chocolate-covered caramels, they have it buy it for themselves. Those would be those people who hate Valentine’s Day more than you (because you’re probably in Category 2, right?).

Here are 20 people who really, really hate Valentine’s Day (even more than you):

  • This Dude 1 of 20
    This Dude
    Although to be fair, the person getting those flowers isn't going to be too happy, either.
  • This Little Kid 2 of 20
    This Little Kid
    Go ahead and project unrequited love onto a toddler if you must.
    We'll wait and you can let us know how that turns out for both of you.
  • This Mime 3 of 20
    This Mime
    The only thing worse than an unhappy mime is an unhappy mime on February 14.
  • That Balloon 4 of 20
    That Balloon
    Why drag a helpless piece of latex into this hot mess?
  • This Dork 5 of 20
    This Dork
    And that unfortunate shirt.
  • This Dog 6 of 20
    This Dog
    Really? The dog gets an inedible treat?
    And you call that love. Interesting.
  • This Woman 7 of 20
    This Woman
    She went to the extra effort of putting on a freakin' lab coat to further drive home the point that she is really unhappy on February 14.
    She wins.
  • That Poor Heart 8 of 20
    That Poor Heart
    The red one being kicked.
    Not the one with too much time on its hands inside that woman's chest cavity.
  • That Skirt 9 of 20
    That Skirt
    It was meant for the traveling circus, not Valentine's Day.
  • This Little Girl 10 of 20
    This Little Girl
    Seriously, kids do not enjoy when adults project grown-up feelings on them.
    It's kind of inappropriate.
  • This Baby 11 of 20
    This Baby
    No, really, it's still inappropriate.
  • This Kid 12 of 20
    This Kid
    Yeah, it still doesn't seem quite right.
  • This Guy 13 of 20
    This Guy
    He also hates the fact that subtlety is not his strong suit.
  • This Guy 14 of 20
    This Guy
    Ditto about the subtlety.
  • The 80s 15 of 20
    The 80s
    They just called.
    They would like to be left out of this, please.
  • This Box of Chocolates 16 of 20
    This Box of Chocolates
    If your life is like this box of chocolates, then we'll go ahead and do you the favor of sticking it in the trash.
  • This Balloon 17 of 20
    This Balloon
    You would cry, too, if you were an enlarged heart balloon.
  • Everything in this Photo 18 of 20
    Everything in this Photo
    Just. Everything.
  • These Rose Petals 19 of 20
    These Rose Petals
    They had to die for this?
  • This Woman 20 of 20
    This Woman

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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