It’s National Reconciliation Day: Disney’s 20 Best Reconciliations

Happy National Reconciliation Day!

April 2nd is National Reconciliation Day and if you had no clue about this day, well, neither did I.  So, how else shall we celebrate a day in which we all have some sort of ties to?  A Disney reconciliation round-up of course! Disney is known for love, friendships and all sorts of dysfunctional relationships, so it shouldn’t surprise us that they are also know for some pretty memorable reconciliation scenes.

Whether they had us sobbing like lunatics in the theater or rolling our eyes at the sappy scenes of hugs and kisses, take a look at 20 of the best reconciliations Disney has  to offer.

  • Reconciliations, Disney Style! 1 of 21
    Reconciliations, Disney Style!
    Check out some of Disney's memorable reconciliations...
  • Day & Night 2 of 21
    Day & Night
    In Pixar's short Day & Night , it's the classic tale of competition. Both characters want to out-do each other, but in the end, when they combine their difference, it was like sweet music to our ears.
  • Aladdin and Jasmine 3 of 21
    Aladdin and Jasmine
    The classic scene in Disney's Aladdin , Jasmine and Aladdin led us all to a whole new world. Even though Princess Jasmine was mad, there was no way she could resist Aladdin's charm on a magic carpet ride.
  • Rocky and CeCe 4 of 21
    Rocky and CeCe
    If your kids watch the Disney Channel's Shake It Up , then you know that these hip-hopping teens went to Japan where things got a little turbulent for their friendship. They were able to work it out and save Japan from a pretty nasty internet virus. Gotta love TV.
  • Lemonade Mouth 5 of 21
    Lemonade Mouth
    Nothing like seeing a band make it big, only to soon fall apart. In Lemonade Mouth ,Olivia, Mo, Charlie, Stella and Wen decide that their friendship is more valuable than being famous and they become a town favorite at a local band competition. Sweet friendships make sweet melodies. Don't you think?
  • Tod and Cooper 6 of 21
    Tod and Cooper
    This loveable duo in The Fox and The Hound , learn that growing up can be hard sometimes. Talk about life taking on a challenging role of hunter vs. prey. Their friendship was unique and my heart is at peace knowing that Tod and Cooper ended in good terms. Phew!
  • King Triton and Ariel 7 of 21
    King Triton and Ariel
    Oh dear. There's nothing like father/daughter spat. In the movie, The Little Mermaid , King Triton may be a tough king but he always has a soft heart for Ariel and her quest to know about the human world.
  • Lady and Tramp 8 of 21
    Lady and Tramp
    When Lady feels little jealous of Tramp's other little ladies, she gets furious at the Tramp in the movie The Lady and The Tramp . Luckily, he was able to score some points by saving the baby from an ugly rat. After that, all was right in spaghetti heaven!
  • Mike and Sulley 9 of 21
    Mike and Sulley
    Bffs til the end, unless there's a gal in the middle of it. Yes, little Boo causes a riff between Mike and Sulley of Monster's Inc. , when Mike want to get rid of the human child. However, when Mike realizes that their boss was in on the shenanigans happening at the factory, he reconciles with Sulley and together they save Boo and the factory from the ultimate demise.
  • Fa Zhou and Mulan 10 of 21
    Fa Zhou and Mulan
    Another father/daughter relationship. Mulan is finally able to bring the family honor with the love for her father, instead of becoming a wife. The classic scene needs no word from Fa Zhou when he hugs his daughter after her return from the war. Love! Mulan is definitely one of my all time favorite movies.
  • Carl and Dug 11 of 21
    Carl and Dug
    In my favorite movie, Up , Carl gets mad at his traveling flea circus and yells at everyone for interrupting his plans for his home. When he realizes his mistake, he goes off to search for his crew and finds Dug hiding under his porch and Dug is finally accepted by Carl as his dog. I love this reconciliation.
  • Buzz and Woody 12 of 21
    Buzz and Woody
    Where would we be without Woody and Buzz? These two started off on the wrong foot in the first of the movie series of Toy Story , and created a mess with their friendship. Still, when Woody saved Buzz from being exploded by going against the toy-code of ethics, they formed the unstoppable duo that we've all come to know and love.
  • Teddy and Amy 13 of 21
    Teddy and Amy
    This is one of two mother/daughter relationship that takes a turn for the worse. In Good Luck Charlie- It's Christmas , Teddy and her mom, Amy, have a special relationship that seems a bit overbearing for Teddy. When the strain of this road trip seems too much, these two have a hilarious argument through their rendition of "Jingle Bells." All in all, they have a memorable Christmas.
  • Lightning McQueen and Mater 14 of 21
    Lightning McQueen and Mater
    Lightning McQueen wanted nothing more than to give Mater the trip of a lifetime when they went to the "World Grand Prix" in Japan for Cars 2 . But when Mater is well, Mater, he embarrasses Lightning McQueen and they have a fall out. Their reconciliation in turn, gives Lightning McQueen the trip of a lifetime.
  • Rapunzel and Flynn 15 of 21
    Rapunzel and Flynn
    Ahh, love. What can we say about these two lovebirds. In the movie Tangled , Mother Gothel tricks Rapunzel into thinking that Flynn abandoned her, she has no choice than to think the worst of Flynn. Oh, but who can resist the phenomenon as we all now know as "The Smolder?"
  • Marlin and Nemo 16 of 21
    Marlin and Nemo
    Father and son. What happened between Nemo and his dad in Finding Nemo , is classic. How many of us related to Marlin? How about Nemo? Their relationship grew stronger and I think they both changed for the better.
  • Belle and Beast 17 of 21
    Belle and Beast
    Talk about when opposites attract, right? Do you know a real life relationship that started off like Belle and Beast? In the movie Beauty and the Beast , their reconciliation started off a wedding song revolution in the 90's. Come on now, fess-up! Did you have this song for your wedding?
  • Woody and Jessie 18 of 21
    Woody and Jessie
    Woody and Jessie's fight was traumatic for poor bullseye in Toy Story 2 . In Jessie's "When Somebody Loved Me" song tugged on Woody's heart and prevented the break-up of the Roundup Gang. One of my favorite songs ever!
  • Roger Rabbit and Eddie Valient 19 of 21
    Roger Rabbit and Eddie Valient
    Can you imagine a world without cartoons? How else would our childhood be without the likes of all our favorite cartoon characters? Thank goodness these two made up in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit , and together, they were able to save the cartoon world.
  • Robert and Nancy 20 of 21
    Robert and Nancy
    Even though this couple didn't exactly work out, their reconciliation was the remarkable when a pair of doves took a heart shape floral arrangement to Nancy, sent from none other than Giselle. This scene is Disney's Enchanted , also sparked one of the catchiest songs, "That's How You Know" that will now be stuck in your head for the rest of the day! You're welcome!
  • Merida and Queen Elinor 21 of 21
    Merida and Queen Elinor
    The BEST reconciliation, yet! In the movie BRAVE , Merida and Queen Elinor's relationship was not your typical mother/daughter bond. Theirs is truly one of a kind. When Merida is sorry for what she did and wanted nothing more than to reconcile with her mother, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. I was ballin' my eyes out in the theater in this scene. Even my 6-year-old daughter was crying. This is a fantastic scene.

Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios, Disney Pixar Studios and the Disney Channel.


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