It's Not Pat: Top 20 Unisex Baby Names

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Dakota is one of the most popular unisex baby names right now.

Though American childhood has become frustratingly divided into the world of pink and blue — often with the blessing of parents — there’s one area of kids’ lives which is becoming a little less divided along gender lines: names.

Based on the latest statistics from the Social Security Administration, there are now more kids names in the top 1000 that appear on both the male and female lists than a decade ago. In 2009, 68 popular baby names were on both lists, up from 60 back in 1999.

Is this progress? Confusion? Stubbornness? A lack of creativity? Or is this more about bringing more boys’ names over to the girls’ side but not vice-versa (kind of like girls can wear overalls but boys can’t wear skirts … unless you’re this boy or this boy)?

Maybe a bit of all of that. You decide.

Here’s are the top 20 unisex names of 2009, put together by Neil Street, co-publisher of Baby Names Garden, a compendium of baby names. (If you’re in the market, be sure to check out Babble’s Baby Names section to help your search.)

1. Riley
2. Peyton
3. Jordan
4. Jayden
5. Alexis
6. Angel
7. Hayden
8. Avery
9. Taylor
10. Payton
11. Cameron
12. Logan
13. Morgan
14. Dakota
15. Kayden
16. Dylan
17. Parker
18. Ryan
19. Reese
20. London

My middle child has a unisex name — Frances — though I sort of forget boys can be named Francis, too, because of the different vowel there toward the end. Did you give your child a unisex name? Did you know it was for both boys and girls when you made your decision? Did you want a name that didn’t call out gender?

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