It's So Over! 12 Bedroom Deal-Breakers

We all have ’em – our naked non-negotiables.

While getting to know someone between the sheets can be an electrifying experience, it’s important to remember that one person’s sexual preference can be another’s bedroom deal-breaker.

Whether you or your partner bring expertise or sexual hang-ups into the bedroom, you both owe it to your mutual pleasure to remain sensitive and open in your sexual communication.

We recently addressed the things you should never say in bed, so let us turn our attention on the things you should never do in bed.

Check out the 12 most common sexual deal-breakers after the jump and feel free to add your own in the comments below!

  • Head control 1 of 12
    Head control
    Men, never push a lady's head south - like ever; it's rude and demeaning. Instead ask for what you want and maybe she'll oblige.
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  • Not wearing a condom 2 of 12
    Not wearing a condom
    Beyond his refusal to protect himself is his refusal to protect you. Any man who doesn't want to protect the woman he's sleeping with from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases has no business in your bed.
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  • Le kink 3 of 12
    Le kink
    A walk on the sexual wild side can be hot and liberating as long as it's within your comfort level. If you or partner wants to dabble in BDSM kink, you need to talk about it long before anyone whips out a flogger.
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  • Unauthorized access 4 of 12
    Unauthorized access
    Everyone has their "no go" zones. Always ask permission before fingers and naughty bits trespass into restricted areas.
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  • Using sex as a weapon 5 of 12
    Using sex as a weapon
    Step away from the hottie that uses sex as a form of manipulation and control. No orgasm is worth it.
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  • Mismatched sexpectations 6 of 12
    Mismatched sexpectations
    Only you can decide how much sex is too much or too little. Mismatched sexpectations, while a bedroom deal-breaker, often lead to the demise of a romantic relationships. The happiest couples are those who find common ground inside and outside the bedroom.
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  • Bad hygiene 7 of 12
    Bad hygiene
    Bad hygiene above and below the belt is the ultimate bedroom deal-breaker. Keeping things fresh and tidy shows you respect your body and your partner's desire to be near it.
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  • The booty call 8 of 12
    The booty call
    While there's no doubt that booty call sex is some of the hottest sex around, its appeal is generally short-lived. Inevitable feelings of resentment and objectification can alter sexual energy and cause problems.
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  • Bossy in bed 9 of 12
    Bossy in bed
    Ask for what you want in bed, but never demand it. Allow a bossy lover to go at it alone.
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  • Bedroom boredom 10 of 12
    Bedroom boredom
    Sexual chemistry matters. A partner unwilling to add spark to tired sexcapades may not be the bedroom buddy for you.
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  • Sexual selfishness 11 of 12
    Sexual selfishness
    He got his and didn't give you a second thought. Later loser! There are plenty of men who get off on you getting off.
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  • No foreplay 12 of 12
    No foreplay
    Warm up your car's engine and she'll purr. Offer your lady the same courtesy.
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What are your bedroom deal-breakers?

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