It's That Magical Time of Year Again — 2011 is LIVE!


Everyone has that special something that helps lube up the ol’ holiday spirit. For me, the holiday season isn’t officially underway until I drink the first Starbucks peppermint mocha of the season. There’s another harbinger of the season that I adore, though, that is absolutely free;  it’s a potent giggle-inducing Christmas salve made up of one part elves, two parts goofy dance moves, and one giant dose of over-sized heads.

Yes, it’s time to go Elf Yourself — and your entire family and entourage., sponsored by Office Max, proclaims itself to be the most popular holiday site in history, and with 169+million elves produced, who’s going to argue? Not me, I’m too busy cutting and pasting the heads of all my loved ones into cyberspace!

The nice people at JibJab have made it ridiculously easy to gather photos to elf on their site from your Facebook account, a webcam, or by uploading photo files from your computer. They add new moves every year and I have to say that this year’s are pretty fab.  I think I am digging the eighties theme the most, but it might just be because I love the victory slide so much.

You heard me right, I said ~The Victory Slide.~

But, it’s a close call… because the seventies theme is like Saturday Night Fever crossed with Elf! and I can’t deny that I really like seeing my Elf-ed Self boogying across that lit-up dance floor.


Aaaaww, Freak OUT!


For the traditionalists,  however, the “classic” Elf Yourself theme will always be the hands-down (or in this case up) winner! Last year I was so taken with our elf-ed family video that I paid for it so I could download it to torment the people on Facebook, YouTube, and IN MY HOUSE for eons to come.

Now: Go forth and get yourself ELF-ed!




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