IVF Overused By Impatient Doctors, Says Expert

dr-sami-david-making-babiesDr. Sami David, one of the first doctors to ever perform a successful IVF procedure in New York, spoke out this week about what he sees as the overuse of the procedure.

In an interview with the Early Show, Dr. David slammed incompetent and/or impatient doctors (and patients) for rushing into IVF without first trying to discover the reason behind infertility. He tells the Early Show:

“The IVF team has gone amok as far as I’m concerned, all right? There are countless women who are going through IVF unnecessarily. They don’t realize they’re treatable causes for their infertility. They’re not having a deep enough evaluation in many cases.”

In fact, in a large chunk of infertility cases, it’s not really the woman’s problem at all, says David. Male infertility accounts for about 40 percent of infertility problems.

David accuses doctors of selling their “product” (that product being IVF) and of being far too impatient for results.  But it must be mentioned that the good doctor is also selling a product himself, a new book titled Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility. According to, Dr. David’s proven program is a mix of Western and Chinese interventions, lifestyle changes, and alternative treatments that help women get pregnant without IVF.

Is  Dr. David being too hard on doctors?  And on couples who are trying to conceive?  After all — if you’ve been there — it’s hard to blame someone for being impatient when you can only find out if your interventions worked every 28 days (or more).  Or is his more moderate approach to infertility a breath of fresh air?  What do you think?


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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