J. Crew Mom Who Painted 5-Year-Old Son's Toenails Pink to Divorce & More Controversy

Jenna Lyons and Her Son

If rumors are true, then this may just add fuel to a very conservative fire. The New York Post is reporting that J.crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons and her artist husband, Vincent Mazeau, are in the midst of a messy divorce and now… things may have gotten far more complicated. The new rumor is that Lyons has moved in with her lesbian lover.  That may not be that big of a deal for other couples, but it becomes more controversial when it involves Jenna Lyons.  Why?

You may not be up on your clothing company head honchos, but you’ll probably remember Jenna Lyons as being in the middle of the media firestorm that ignited after an image of Lyons painting the nails of her 5-year-old son (in hot pink no less)  in an ad for J. Crew.

There were wild accusations thrown about regarding what kind of message this sends not just her own son, but all of America’s children the toying with gender politics, accusations of promoting a transgender lifestyle and that this simple act of a pink pedicure will “turn him gay.” The defense was simple, she was merely enjoying some quality –albeit colorful–  time with her son.

But with news that Lyons and Mazeua’s “traditional household”  image of a wife, husband and son has been shattered and been replaced with a more unconventional family unit a pink nail polishing one at that will surely have a slew of far right media watchers adding more fuel to their misguided fire.

Do you think the far right will have a field day with this new “news”?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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