Jackie Evancho, 10-Year-Old Opera Singer on America's Got Talent

Jackie Evancho is a beautiful little girl with a beautiful big voice.  The ten-year-old’s performance Tuesday on America’s Got Talent blew away the judges and earned her a standing ovation from the audience.  Watch it for yourself and you’ll see why:

Got chills?

Unfortunately, just as the above video was going viral on the Internet, the naysayers were coming out in full force.  Accusations that the powerful voice coming from this little girl isn’t actually her own started flying around immediately.  Was Jackie Evancho lip-syncing?  America’s Got Talent producer Jason Raff says no. “The whole crew was saying it looked like she’s lip-syncing,” he told USA Today.  “And on the close-ups, her mouth is moving a different way than the sound coming out. It is weird, but it’s just how she sings.”

With that settled, the haters have moved on and have begun attacking Jackie Evancho and her parents.  She’s “creepy.”  And her parents must have certainly pushed her into all those voice lessons, right?  She’s not a prodigy, she’s a “freak.”

Sigh.  I feel for this girl and her parents.  Jackie Evancho has a rare talent that should be celebrated and praised.  Instead, she’s mocked and her parents are vilified.  Were she my child, I would give serious consideration to putting the brakes on the whole thing.  If the first two days of her fame are any indication, this little girl is in for a rough ride.  A ride that, at the age of ten, she can’t possibly be emotionally prepared to handle.  Her voice is amazing and to keep it under wraps would be a shame.  But if the price for sharing is public flogging, I’d say it’s just not worth it.

What about you?  Would you subject your child to such abuse?

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