Jaycee Dugard Diane Sawyer Interview: Dugard Talks Giving Birth, Raising Daughters (Video)

jaycee dugard diane sawyer primetime interview video
Jaycee Dugard talks with Diane Sawyer in this Primetime interview

Jaycee Dugard finally shares her story of captivity and tremendous bravery in tonight’s ABC News Primetime interview with Diane Sawyer (video).

Among the topics of discussion was Jaycee Dugard’s birth experience in the backyard that held her prisoner all those years.

Dugard gave birth to two daughters, raising them in captivity, and even schooling them with her limited fifth grade education.

Jaycee Dugard’s story is truly an amazing tale of survival.

Jaycee recounts going into labor with her first child when she was just 14, not understanding what was happening to her. Dugard tells Diane Sawyer: “I didn’t know I was in labor. I was still … locked [in] at the time. Just scared.”

Dugard said the labor and delivery experience was painful, but when she saw her daughter, she said, “she was beautiful. I felt like I wasn’t alone anymore. [I] had somebody else who was mine. I wasn’t alone.” Her second daughter was born in 1997.

Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped in 1991 when she was 11-years old-and held captive for 18 years by Phillip and Nancy Garrido.

Dugard has also written a book about her ordeal, titled, A Stolen Life.

Jaycee was so courageous and strong throughout those years – it’s really unimaginable what she went through.

She really deserves every happiness in life to make up for all of those horrible years stolen from her.

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