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jimmy-fallon-as-neil-youngThat’s a mouthful, isn’t it? Jimmy Fallon Sings Pants On The Ground As Neil Young. So what am I talking about? And how is it part of Morning News? Read on.

Let’s start with a quick explanation. Pants On The Ground is a song that American Idol hopeful Larry Platt when he auditioned in Atlanta. He didn’t make it because, at 62 years old, he’s way over the American Idol age limit of 28. The song is kind of catchy in a strange way. More impressive are Platt’s dance moves. I couldn’t do that without breaking something, and I’m not even 40 years old yet. Here’s the original:

Pants on the Ground went viral, which means that people who spend too much time on their computers started tweeting, facebooking, and blogging about the song. People with even more time on their hands made their own covers, some of which you can see at the New York Times ArtsBeat blog.

Then Jimmy Fallon trumped them all with his version. So here it is. Jimmy Fallon Sings Pants On The Ground As Neil Young. Enjoy.

So why write about this? Last night I couldn’t sleep for some reason, so I watched the end of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien for the second time (the first was a couple of days ago for a few minutes). Surprisingly, the show didn’t lull me into dreamland, so I figured I’d see what Late Night With Jimmy Fallon was like; I’ve never seen Fallon’s show at all. I had seen Jimmy Fallon sing the theme to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as Neil Young, which was pretty amusing. Here you go in case you missed it:

When the announcer opened the show with “Ladies and Gentlemen, Neil Young,” I figured I’d stick around. Glad I did, although I would have rather been asleep already.

Since I don’t watch American Idol, I had no idea what “Pants on the Ground” was. I did, however, have Fallon’s version stuck in my head and managed to annoy my children by singing it all morning. (Me: Pants on the ground… Kid: Please stop singing that so-ong…) After getting everybody off to school, I did a quick search, found out what was going on, and there you go.

My point here is that late night television is dead. Or more accurately, Late Night Television is dead. What’s the difference? Late Night Television is an institution. The Tonight Show, Letterman, Leno, whatever. The guy — and it’s always a guy — who tells jokes about the news, then sits down at a desk and tells more jokes, maybe does a bit, interviews a couple of famous or semi-famous people, introduces a musical act, and that’s all, good night everybody. Yawn. Fallon was somewhat quick out of the gate with his parody, but he wasn’t as quick as a bunch of people on YouTube. His version is better, mostly because his Neil Young impression is almost too good; it’s a little eerie, actually. But what is he parodying? American Idol? Does anyone care for more than a few seconds? Is that worth the millions of dollars that NBC spends on these shows? The Tonight Show debacle, O’Brien telling NBC to drop dead — it’s interesting partly because it could mean the end of an era. But unlike some endings, I don’t think anyone will care.

OK! Let’s get to some real news, shall we?

Haiti. Horrible. Truly horrible. Hard to even think about. But even worse than the comments Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson made about the Haiti earthquake are the people who are actually running Haitian Donation Scams online. The FBI and Better Business Bureau have issued a warning to those who want to give money. Basically, if a website looks a little sketchy, don’t use it to give money to Haiti. Here’s a video report:

And in politics, Democrats say that they are close to passing a health care bill. Republicans are playing the “deals with special interests” card. What’s frustrating about that is not that it isn’t true. It probably is. But are we to believe that this is different from the way bills get passed in this country? And if any Democrat votes against this bill because they are afraid that it will hurt their re-election chances, that Democrat should be whipped with a wet noodle. If they have a legitimate reason to oppose the bill, fine. But don’t do it solely because you think it might force you to get a real job.

Last, a movie recommendation. I saw The Young Victoria last weekend, and it’s good. Also pretty short, meaning you won’t have to pay the babysitter quite as much. Worth seeing if you can ditch the kids for a bit.

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