BREAKING: John and Elizabeth Edwards Legally Separate

john-and-elizabeth-edwards-legally-separateMarriage is not a perfect institution, what with all the shared space, divergent tastes and difficulty balancing life as an individual with life as the member of a unit.

Sometimes you make it work, sometimes you go out and sleep with a videographer, father a child, make a sex-tape and make plans for life after your wife dies — while said wife is still alive. Sometimes you promise Dave Matthews to the wrong person!

And when that happens, sometimes you split up. Legally separate, as it were. Like John and Elizabeth Edwards apparently (finally?) have.

ABC News is reporting that John no longer lives at their North Carolina compound-like home. No word on divorce, but according to North Carolina law, a couple must legally separate for a year before being allowed to end their legal union.

No word on custody arrangements or how their kids are faring. But sad! I’m sure they’re sad.

How the once mighty keep falling, falling, falling.

What do you think? About time? Did you once think Edwards would be president? If so, what do you think now?

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