Joy Behar and Rod Stewart Discuss Sarah Streeter — the Child He Put Up for Adoption

Joy Behar and Rod Stewart

Did anyone see the strange interview Joy Behar did with Rod Stewart on HLN? The legendary singer is about to welcome his eighth child into the world. Accordingly, Behar’s line of questioning pertained to his existing children.

The View co-host seemed to be caught off guard when Stewart told her that his oldest child was in her 40s, and that he and the child’s biological mom had put her up for adoption when he was “17 or 18.”

At least that’s what I gathered from her response. “Oh, it was one of those.”

One of those?

Seconds later, Stewart remarked that he was “stone broke” at the time of his first daughter’s birth. The expression opened the door for Joy to make yet another weird remark, this one an adolescent, if not predictable play on the word “stone.”

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s 2 for Joy and 0 for Decency.

Stewart went on to explain that his oldest daughter had first found out his identity 15 years ago, after both of her adoptive parents had passed.

“Since her mum and dad have died…we’ve tried to come together and be close…and it’s working out pretty well… [but] I never felt like I was her dad, because I didn’t take her to school, change her nappies — there was no paternal thing there. But I’m trying. You know, it’s hard.”

Joy’s reaction? A trite-sounding stab at something genuine before pointing out how stoked Stewart’s daughter must be about his wealth.

Sorry, Decency. Three in a row. Joy wins.

Stewart seemed as if he were willing, even wanted to have an earnest conversation about his experiences, but Behar made it impossible with her inappropriate comments. I really wish she had treated the topic with the reverence it deserved. I can’t even begin to imagine the complicated emotions felt by a dad who reunites with a child he had given up for adoption decades earlier. And Stewart strikes me as articulate and genuine enough to do the topic justice.

Stewart’s daughter, Sarah Streeter, has described the situation as “the start of a new chapter…that’s wonderful.” In my opinion, Behar missed out on a golden opportunity to let her viewers learn more about it. Watch the Rod Stewart interview and see what you think.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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