Judge Argues Kids Should See Their Drug-Addicted, Cocaine-Selling Dad

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Cocaine and kids? No problem, says judge.

If you’ve never spent time in the family court system, God bless you. But those of you who have know a lot of mind-blowing cases move in and out of those hallowed halls of justice every day. One of particular interest to me comes via Jezebel, about a NC Dad who “lost his job for doing coke” and who is “currently awaiting trial for dealing.” David Edward Kennedy has been arrested and confessed to dealing drugs, and yet his lawyer – and a judge – argue that he should still have visitation with his kids.

According to NBC affiliate WCNC, Kennedy was indicted by a federal grand jury on cocaine trafficking charges, and immediately afterwards the unnamed mother in the case “went to court seeking emergency custody.” In response, “Judge Charlotte Brown said no emergency existed and declined to change the custody arrangement.”

The judge continued, “Even if he was indicted with 20 kilos of cocaine…there has to be some danger to the child. If the child was in the car with him while he was making a drug deal or subjecting a child to maybe guns, then I could see the emergency.”

Um, I’m sorry, what? The mother says, “When I did find out there was clear drug use going on and he was selling drugs, it was clear to me that my kids were being put in an unsafe environment.” Yeah. I’m not sure how that’s debatable? It’s likely not debatable, and the judge in the case is being accused of bias. The mother’s attorneys asked for Brown to be removed from the case, and I can’t imagine a world in which that won’t happen … but I guess you never know. The mother has been keeping her children from exercising their visitation since November, and WCNC reports, “Thursday morning the judge will decide whether to hold the mother in contempt and send her to jail,” so let’s hope Brown is removed from the case before then!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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