Judge Gives Gay Sperm Donor Visitation Rights

sperm-donorA gay man is taking advantage of an Irish law that works against homosexuals to gain visitation with the little boy created with his donated sperm.

The AP reports the heavily conservative government in Ireland does not recognize lesbians as a valid family unit. So the gay man who helped them create their now three-year-old son retains rights even though he’s not a traditional father. 

And it comes despite the Supreme Court Justice, Susan Denham, admitting the two moms do provide a good, loving, home for their child. Since the constitution defines parents as a “married man and woman” and gays can’t marry, Denham says “dad” has rights.

Kudos to the biological dad for trying. Evidence has shown the connection to a child’s roots is beneficial in cases of open adoption or gamete donation. It could very well be good for this little boy to know at least something about half his genetic background beyond medical records.

But there’s something troubling about the methods used to gain access to the child. As a gay man, did Dad have to open the door to precedent that may only hinder the eventuality of a recognition of woman and woman has viable parents? Did he feel like a traitor?

Or is it simply sad that there’s discrimination written into the laws of Ireland, and there’s nothing in the foreseeable future that will change it.

Image: CyprusIVF

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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