Judge Stands By Decision Ordering Parents to Change Baby’s Name From ‘Messiah’

helloA Tennessee judge who ordered a couple to change their baby’s name from Messiah stands by her decision, saying she did not violate the judicial code of conduct.

As Knoxville NBC affiliate WBIR reports, Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew had until Monday to respond to the charges by the state board of judicial conduct that says she acted illegally when she ordered Messiah Deshawn Martin’s parents to change his name.

In her decision last August Ballew said “Messiah” was a title held only by Jesus Christ. The board is arguing that Ballew was biased in her decision. That decision was later overturned by another judge who said the ruling was unconstitutional. The baby’s parents also filed a complaint against Ballew with the state’s board of judicial conduct.

Nonetheless, as WBIR reports, “the judge maintains the decision was best for the child, especially if he grows up in a county with a large Christian population.”

A hearing on the case will be held in 60 days.

I applaud the judge who overturned Ballew’s decision. Frankly, a couple celebrities have named their kid a lot worse than Messiah. A quick look at the dictionary also shows that the name Messiah isn’t necessarily a title. Even if your religion has you thinking it’s “a title held only by Jesus Christ” it doesn’t mean someone else can’t use it for a name, no matter that you worry the name isn’t the greatest for a child.

What do you think? Did Judge Ballew overstep her authority as a judge?

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