Judging a Movie By Its Poster: A 6-Year-Old Guesses What Films Are All About

Judging Movies By Their Posters

A while ago I asked my 6-year-old daughter to do something we usually don’t encourage in our household: to judge a book by its cover, but not figuratively; I had her do it literally. She lent her impressions on masterpieces such as The Great Gatbsy, Jane Eyre, and Steppenwolf to the amusement for many of you. And you know what? She was anxious to play our game again. She seems to not only enjoy helping mommy with her work, but likes this activity as a new family pastime. And why would I discourage a game involving interpretation, identification and examination?

This time we opted to take on movie posters, an art form that attempts to distill a 2-hour drama, comedy or epic into a composition of images that give clues to the story, the tone and the genre of the film — and makes you want to see the film in question.

I asked my 6-year-old image interpreter — who is unfamiliar with all the films — to tell me what she thought they were about. And no, I have no idea why she thinks about 20 percent of them are about detectives. Check out what she had to say about Apocalypse Now, Pulp Fiction, Annie Hall, and more right here:

  • The Godfather 1 of 21
    The Godfather
    "I think this movie is about a puppet master who is also a fairy godfather who likes to do puppetry. He also really likes to play to with kitties. He is a good man, who grants wishes."
    Photo Credit: Wildsound Filmmaking
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  • Silence of the Lambs 2 of 21
    Silence of the Lambs
    "I think it's about an artist, a really good artist. The woman in the poster is the artist and a butterfly dressed in a skeleton costume (which is her own artwork) is trying to shush her."
    Photo Credit: Poster Wire
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  • Midnight Cowboy 3 of 21
    Midnight Cowboy
    "This is a black and white film that takes place where the horseys live. It doesn't look very interesting. Not very interesting, not very interesting, not very interesting. They are both not interesting. It's called 'Midnight Cowboy' because they only stay out at night. They could be vampires."
    Photo Credit: Ice Poster
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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey 4 of 21
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    "It's about stormtroopers who live on earth. They aren't Star Wars stormtroppers but another kind of stormtropper. The story is about the main guy in the poster who is really smart and is trying to stop the stormtroopers from doing bad things."
    Photo Credit: Strange Horizons
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  • Apocalypse Now 5 of 21
    Apocalypse Now
    "This movie is about a wizard in an apocalypse, I don't know what an apocalypse is, maybe it is a town? The story is about a good wizard and a bad wizard. The good wizard's the big one in the poster and the bad wizard is the one up in the corner, he is always mad. The apocalypse land is really pretty, all orange and pink."
    Photo Credit: Hark
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  • The Exorcist 6 of 21
    The Exorcist
    "It's about a ghost and detective guy who is trying to find the ghost. So he is a ghost detective. It's a scary movie. I want it to be funny, but it looks scary."
    Photo Credit: Movie
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  • Fight Club 7 of 21
    Fight Club
    "I think it looks more like a gum ad than a movie. But in this movie, I think it's about a special silly gum, gum that makes them fly. It's not a true story. The two guys chew gum all the time, but they are not friends. They are enemies. And the guy in the front has a club about gum but the other guy isn't allowed to join."
    Photo Credit: Biblioteca de Filme
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  • Vertigo 8 of 21
    "This is a really weird movie. It's about a spiral staircase and a guy. It's weird. He spends a lot of time on that spiral staircase. It's going to be a boring movie."
    Photo Credit: Movie
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  • Chinatown 9 of 21
    "I think it's about an enchantress and a guy who went into space. He is in love with her. He is trying to get the lamp that she lives in. And in the end he does get it. But she doesn't really like him and escapes, then he is sad."
    Photo Credit: IMP Awards
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  • Blade Runner 10 of 21
    Blade Runner
    "This is about two French people who are spies. It's a man and woman and they are a team. It's kind of a scary movie and it takes place in Paris at night."
    Photo Credit: IMP Awards
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  • 8 1/2 11 of 21
    8 1/2
    "This movie is about a scientist guy who is building a home for rich women. It looks like it would be a really awkward movie. He is building a really big building for these rich fancy women and wacky things happen while he is building it. It's probably a comedy."
    Photo Credit: Movie Poster
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  • Pulp Fiction 12 of 21
    Pulp Fiction
    "It's not a very old movies but it is trying to pretend that it is. I don't think I would like it. It looks weird. I don't think anyone would like it. This movie is about the girl in the poster, she's a detective, but not a very good detective. She spends a lot of time sitting in the front room of her house thinking and smoking. Not much happens in the movie. And smoking is really bad for you."
    Photo Credit: Cross Fit Meridian
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  • Annie Hall 13 of 21
    Annie Hall
    "I think it's about cowgirl and a normal man who love each other and they are going to marry each other. After they get married they are going to go move to cowboy country. But the boy is used to the city life. They argue and try to find the best place to live."
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  • Big Lebowski 14 of 21
    Big Lebowski
    "This is a movie about a guy who really likes to go bowling and about the guy who owns the bowling alley. In the movie they are going to get into a big fight and they are going to see who is the best bowler."
    Photo Credit: Flickers
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  • Touch of Evil 15 of 21
    Touch of Evil
    "Touch of Evil is about an evil guy, a good guy and an a lady. But the lady dies. The evil guy killed her. The evil guy is magical and he touches her and she dies."
    Photo Credit:
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  • Elephant Man 16 of 21
    Elephant Man
    "This movie is about a guy who is pretending to be an elephant. He is mean and steals things. He is actually the owner of the zoo and he puts on a mask and robs people. Everyone is trying to catch him."
    Photo Credit: Publispain
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  • Rear Window 17 of 21
    Rear Window
    "I think it is Nancy Drewish. But it stars a boy and he is a detective, and the pretty blond lady is Nancy, she helps him solve the case. He is looking at the house. I think they live in Iowa. I don't know why but I think that is where they live."
    Photo Credit: Movie Goods
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  • Raging Bull 18 of 21
    Raging Bull
    "This film is about a man who is really mean and mad at something that people did. He acts like a bull, everyone is trying to tame him so he doesn't do bad things. But they can't."
    Photo Credit: Movie Forum
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  • Gone with the Wind 19 of 21
    Gone with the Wind
    "I think it's about a man who loves a woman. There is a war going on and they are trying to get away from the flaming building and from the war. They do and live happily ever after."
    Photo Credit: Movie
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  • Casablanca 20 of 21
    "This is also a detective movie, too. I think it's all about a war and they go to a bunch of different countries. It's a drama and a bit scary, since he has a gun. Because he is a detective he has a gun because all detectives have guns."
    Photo Credit: IMP Awards
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  • Alien 21 of 21
    "This movie is about an alien egg. That is all."
    Photo Credit: AV Poe
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Image: by Sunny Chanel


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