Judy Blume Reveals What 'Superfudge' is Doing Today

Where is he now?

Anyone who came of age in the 70s and 80s is on a first-name basis with Superfudge, the title character of one of Judy Blume’s best-loved children’s novels, which was the sequel to the equally fabulous, “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.”

We rooted for Superfudge when he swallowed a turtle. We also felt big brother Peter’s pain as little Fudge was a constant thorn in his side, particularly when he started cramping his style with his friends.

But, as little brothers do (even some of the fictional ones), Superfudge is now all grown up, according to Yahoo. Author Judy Blume reveals what that little mischief maker is up to today:

According to Yahoo:

Blume has admitted her character Fudge was based entirely on her son Larry (though he never consumed a turtle.) So instead of imagining Fudge’s adult life, we dug up some intel on Larry, now a 49-year old filmmaker. These days it’s his momĀ  providing inspiration for his own creative endeavors. Before directing the critically acclaimed feature-length comedy Martin & Orloff in 2002, he adapted his mother’s book Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great for the small screen. Recently he teamed up with her again to co-write and direct the screen adaptation of her book Tiger Eyes. As for working with the real life Fudge-meister, Judy Blume called it “thrilling.” “Co-writing is difficult but being on the set every day…I loved it,” she said in a recent PBS interview, adding, “we’re Judy and Larry on the set, not mom and child.” Maybe so, but he’ll always be Fudge to us.

Which fictional characters would you like an update on today?

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